Model Die Casting Parts – China manufacturer of Professional Model Aluminum Die Casting Auto Parts

Model Die Casting Parts Available Production Processes:
CAD/CAM service, expert plastic injection, metal processing, finish, heat treatment, surface plating, QC testing and packing.

Model Die Casting Parts Available Finishes:
polished, powder coating, nickel, chrome, zinc plating, Sand blasting, gold-plated, imitation gold-plated, etc.

Model Die Casting Parts Process Equipment:
Frequency coreless electric cooker, Roller sand mixer,Hot-box core shooter, Air plasma cutting machine, ZGS, Low pressure caster, Molding machine, Horizontal cold chamber die casting machine with computer precision, Single hook shot blasting machine, Shot blasting machine with rubber crawler type and other equipment.

Model Die Casting Parts Precision Machining:
All kinds of lathe, rocker drilling machine, plane milling machine, Germany numerical lathe and CNC machining center.

Model Die Casting Parts Products applications:
Household utility ware, auto components, Computer electronics, Electronics components, Marketing samples, Medical & dental products, Model shops, toys, hobby, New product design & development, Furniture Design, Civil Engineering, Construction, Marine Industry, Garden Products, Military industry, etc.

welcome to choose and buy Model Die Casting Parts from us.

this article is published by China Manufacturer and Supplier of Model Die Casting Parts – Ningbo Fuerd Machinery co.,ltd.


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